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Today, the soul of Carlo Giovanni 1927 lies in its extraordinary network of suppliers. Passionate and committed to their craft, they are above all masters of the "Sartorial Art". A visit to one of the workshops will instantly capture the tradition and emotion that emanates from it.


Passion is at the heart of Carlo Giovanni 1927. Working with quality materials, perpetuating a family tradition and building relationships with our customers are our priorities. We embarked on this adventure with the vision of “making the world more elegant”.


Although society has evolved, one thing remains certain: the suit is still the essential part of men's fashion. While current trends and Fast-Fashion are making clothes more sporty and of lower quality, therefore they are not sustainable. Carlo Giovanni 1927 is positioned as the antithesis of this.

Featured in the press

“Whenever I bought clothes, I would always try to find something that other people didn’t own or wear.”

— Carlo Giovanni



We strongly believe that fit & comfort are the most important aspects in garments, therefore all of our lines are MADE-TO-MEASURE. This will allow you to achieve a perfect fit, while personalising & customising your garment!


Each garment is crafted in the highest quality, manufactured and inspired by traditional Italian Tailoring to ensure an impeccable silhouette, elegance,
refinement and quality. 


Italian Style is ingrained in the country’s heritage and its citizens. They have long been famous for being avant-garde, innovative and a leader in the fashion industry. Italian Style is not about chasing trends, but timeless elegance. They use fashion to cultivate their personal image and increase confidence. They are dedicated to style, craftsmanship, elegance and high quality!