We strongly believe in working with local companies in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Quality is an important aspect in the production of our garments, therefore, we want to work with traditional and experienced artisans. As we all know, Italian artisans have been the best in fabric and garment production over hundreds of years.

Sourcing the very finest raw materials means travelling around the world. Loro Piana has journeyed to distant lands and the farthest corners of the globe in the pursuit of excellence. Because a commitment to constant improvement means continuing to strive for perfection.

Only the rarest and the finest fibers from all over the world, crafted to the highest artisanal standards, can be transformed into precious and exquisite fabrics.

Fabric is fundamental to the Zegna Group: it is our essential truth woven into everything we do for over 110 years. Fabric was the bold ambition of the founder to be a force for good in the world. Fabric represents our culture of beauty as far as the Group remains an industrious master of it with an unrivalled manufacturing legacy, forward-looking creativity, and technical and sustainable innovation. Over the years, the acquisition of historic Italian companies, each specialised in its own product sector, has enabled the Group to create a one-of-a-kind Made in Italy Luxury Textile Laboratory Platform with the aim of producing the highest quality fabrics, while safeguarding the uniqueness of the Italian supply chain in the name of craftsmanship.

The Lanificio Cerruti represent an adventure in Biella, began in 1881 but that has its origins in 1770 and that has gone through 250 years of innovation, merging itself, since 1951, with the history of the world’s Fashion, thanks to the inventiveness and creativity of the designer Nino Cerruti.

Drapes of high quality, Italian raw materials that transcend fashion and luxury, entering the dimension of pure beauty.

Drapers distributes fabrics that distinguish themselves through their style, quality and how the raw materials are processed, selecting them to satisfy every customer’s taste, ranging from must-haves in a gentleman’s wardrobe to the more fanciful. Additionally, special attention is paid to our service, which is characterised by assistance, rapidity and punctuality of delivery.

Everything began in 1973 when the founders of the Drago family created the historical spinning company, real referring point for the main wool mills in Biella. Over the years the company earned a major share of the market becoming leader in its field and since 1980 it has developed an efficient international sales network around the world. At the same time joined the company the sons Paolo and Daniela, that with targeted studies and innovative ideas strongly contributed to the expansion of the Group.

Carnet is a division of the Ratti Group that manufactures and distributes the best fabrics all over the world for the realisation of made-to-measure garments for both men and women.

From collection to collection, Carnet's fabrics want to tell the experience of those who know the codes of style. A wide range of exclusive bases, from printed to yarn-dyed fabrics, from silk to wool.

By virtue of their venerable age since the date of their foundation (1733), the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills are part of the international association of the Henokiens, whose members are family concerns with at least two centuries of history behind them.

Piacenza Cashmere 1733, guardian of a tradition where the great attention to raw materials, precious blends and noble fibres speak the language of excellence.

At the beginning of the 1900s, Vincenzo Caccioppoli decided to leave Naples, together with his eldest son Raffaele, and to start importing clothing fabrics from Italy and the United States in Bogotà, Colombia.
There he opens a shop called “Almanacen Italia” in Plaza Bolìvar. A few years later his second son, Salvatore, also joined them in Colombia.
Around 1920, with the conclusion of the First World War, Vincenzo Caccioppoli with his two sons understood that it was the right time to return to Naples and start a business for the sale of fabrics.
Thus was born the historic Caccioppoli shop in the heart of Naples, in Piazza Nicola Amore, which is still the current headquarters of the company.
A few years later the other two sons, Cosimo and Antonio, also joined the company, thus founding the “F.lli Caccioppoli di V.zo”.

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